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Matt and DA50 after crossing the Pacific Ocean

Through Diamondo Earthrounding, Robin and Matthias, “Matt”, Niederhäuser were able to fulfil their shared dream of circumnavigating the globe in a small aircraft. Through one-time partnerships, they were able to conduct their mission significantly more climate friendly. As a spin-off of the Diamondo project, Matt has brought to life which makes more sustainable flying available to anyone operating aircraft.

Made possible by the support of the Aero Club of Switzerland (AeCS) and in close cooperation with the climate protection organization myclimate, the web calculator offers the possibility to calculate the CO2 emissions of piston-powered aircraft based on their own fuel consumption. The calculated emissions serve as a basis for making a voluntary but effective contribution to high-quality myclimate carbon offset projects that demonstrably reduce greenhouse gases. is a service provided by Niederhäuser Solutions GmbH in collaboration with Genhart IT Solutions.