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What is SAF Book & Claim?

The CO2 footprint calculated via can be reduced on voluntary basis by means of jet fuel from alternative (non-fossil) sources, so-called Sustainable Aviation Fuels (SAF). For this purpose, and by using the calculator, a user can select which percentage of his calculated fuel consumption should be in SAF and book that quantity through the web shop. After receiving the order, ensures that the desired amount of SAF is delivered to airports where SAF is already available. After confirmation of the SAF delivery, the customer receives a confirmation on the amount of SAF delivered through his booking and the achieved reduction in CO2 emissions.

Paralles of SAF Book & Claim and renewable electricity (in Switzerland)

The “Book & Claim” principle is similar to that of renewable electricity (in Switzerland), in which consumers pay their electricity supplier a surcharge for electricity from sustainable sources. In the case of renewable electricity, the electricity produced is fed into the grid and only rarely is the purchaser also the recipient. The situation is similar with, where the customer merely pays the surcharge for SAF. As with electricity, it makes the most sense from an environmental perspective if SAF arrives at a consumer without complex supply chains. Unlike electricity, however, the confirmation issued by receives the date and destination of the SAF delivery.

What do I pay if I book SAF through

We calculate the extra-charge you would need to pay to upgrade from fossil jet fuel to SAF for your flight.